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The community of Redditch began at the time of the Bordesley  Abbey, the charter was granted to the Cistercian Order in 1140.

However, the history of the town is much related to the Industrial Revolution in England and its products were known throughout the world.

These products include needles, fishing tackle, batteries, springs, motorbikes and other light industrial products.

The aim of this site is to give an introduction to the various aspects of the town’s history using a range of ‘pocket history’ presentations and some short descriptive text. Where available links to sites giving further information are given.

Plan of Redditch town centre plan based on description by Joseph Monk in 1775.

Redditch developed in the 12th Century around a triangular green, due to its location on two important N-S and E-W medieval roads and the supply of services to passing traffic. The most important economic connections were Bordesley Abbey and its granges and the medium-sized towns of Kidderminster and Birmingham.